an on-line poetry magazine
for the 21st century

Winter 2021-2022


Victoria Twomey              One more moment in the light
Tony Policano Serendipity Gong
Maria Kranidis Only yesterday
Mark C Nuccio How war profiteers spend their time in hell
Shirley Cravotta Requiem for the living
Kate Lamberg Night arises
Dan Richman Dancers
Pramila Venkatesewaran   How to Wear Cotton and Not Notice the Wounds?
Sharon Anderson While I was sleeping
Barbara Southard Minister of loneliness
Wayne Mennecke Merrythoughts
Sherri Pastolove The Blue House
Gladys Henderson  Sojourner
Diane Frank The heptagon of time
Mindy Kronenberg Brooklyn Rodeo
Mary Flatley TCM in the 21rst century
Beverly Kotch floodtide
Nancy Keating Dead technology
Sue Allen Bonjour Sweet Cakes
Kelly J Powell One day
Gayl Teller At the immersive Van Gogh exhibit
Cheryl A Rice Death has a way
Margarette Wahl Gluten free
Dan Giancola Shrubs
Richard Bronson I sing the works of man
Barbara Novack Vigil
Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan 2:30 a.m.
Glenn P Garamella Summer Symphony
Mankh Signs
Herb Wahlsteen 6 am 6th Street
Jacqueline Moss The bouquet
Scout Mercer Spate
Kate Lamberg (how the beet red color of the leaves)
Carolyn Emerson Phantom at Westchester Broadway Theatre
Robert Savino Cardplayer’s shuffle
Paula Camacho Foreign visit
Tom Stock Into the heart of nowhere
Doreen d Spungin Belief is a tender charm
David B Axelrod The met of my dreams
Sasha Ettinger Given
Vicki Iorio The rollator
Sheri Lynn Peace reign
Kathaleen Donnelly Accident
Deborah Hauser Shiny & new
Corydon Doyle 3 a.m.
Alan Semerdjian The love poems
JR Turek Prerequisite
Barbara Ann Branca You can’t socially distance in the Italian pork store
Bruce Johnson  After the game