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Sherri Pastolove


I first saw the house

in the corner of my eye

on an often-traveled road

it was the color of the ocean

that part where you no longer

feel the floor with arched feet

as you tread ever so carefully

hoping for delicate waves

and soft breezes to buoy you

the house was that color

I find my eyes searching for it

if sunlight permits these shorter days

to quickly gaze with longing

as if the color of cedar shakes alone

will transport me from the current chill

strip me from these layers

of late-fall woolen sweaters

and leave me quietly treading

the warm summer ocean waters

just a speck floating in the deepest blue

Sherri London Pastolove has published two poetry collections, Cowgirls and Love in D Major. Her poems have appeared in Newsday, NCPLS Reviews, October Hill Magazine,  the 911 Memorial Artists Registry, and most recently, Corona: An Anthology of Poems. You can follow her blog @