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for the 21st century


Sheri Lynn


an eagle climbing sunward lets a biolage ebony to snow feather fall

despite a breeze urging the plume afloat

it bursts to gold and violet star dust

which begins to rain its sparkle ash on soils and seas

when bursting from each fleck emerges

the dance of the butterflies

delicate wings pulsate flute whistles of an aria

as thunder of more and more eagles swoop

then soften to a soundless glide

release their plumages in a knowing

star dust rain showers

flourish the butterfly dance

reaching every window, yard, street, beach, forest, desert, ocean

where children, elders, elephants, pandas, potoos, caracals, whales,

surface from foraging in witness

hold a breath gasp

this scent of rain without water invocation

ocean tides smooth to glass and

leaves subdue as if in a Klimt birch painting

clouds yield to allow a brilliant sapphire

showcase the chromatic aberration of every wing

not one the same with hues unnamed

transmuting with each flutter apparition

seconds or millennia, behold this majesty

those with angst forget their quarrels

no longer caring for wound significance

arms embracing, not to arm

a soothe offering fosters nourishment

as trees, bees, seas replenish

with each soul shifting intention, wakening to

the dance of the butterflies

Once an executive innovator, now poetry and photography award recipient Sheri Lynn launched debut “Nature’s Breath”, accompanying notecards and in 2019. Other works were published (2018-2021) by: Ms. Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul-Listen to Your Dreams, NCPLS, PPA, DBP, Bards, TNSPS, The 911 Memorial Museum, The Odyssey magazine, blogs, newsletters and more.