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for the 21st century


Kelly J Powell


other people died that day too

and other people were born, people

lost keys, found love, children went

missing, others were found hiding

in a closet playing hide and seek,

some got to say goodbye and hello,

bills got paid, the mailman came,

factory workers worked, garbage men,

bakers, kids got dropped off and picked up at school or daycare, lunches were made, dinners got started, breakfast wolfed down,

some had breakfast for dinner, some

had nothing to eat, homework got

done and half done, taxes got paid, tv stayed tuned to the news, teeth got brushed, laundry got picked up after being left scattered on the floor for several months waiting impatiently for the husband who died of a heart attack in the night, who left children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, a lawn to mow and a heavy safe no one could open, longshoreman, iron workers, baristas, fishermen, waitresses, people at walmart cvs handy pantry stop n shop having a burger and fries, a last meal, homeless, heartless, friendless, hopeful, newlyweds, divorce lawyers got

divorced, everyone everywhere

waiting for news of survivors

thousands of people fleeing and flooding to the very bottom of manhattan, glued to the news for any signs of life, many years later and we still waited for the memorial to be built, two pools to be filled with names and memories, beds were made and thousands never to be unmade again