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Looking into the future i see my past–
the tree-root of my Grandfather’s presence
ever-calming me in the ever-now, the twinkle
in my Father’s smile-eye ever-twinkling,
and myriad more roots than any page can hold
Looking into the past i see my future–
a young boy scribbling poems and stories,
and dancing in front of a mirror
my first experience of a spiritual energy
way bigger than little me then,
way bigger than bigger me now
Why do we go out there
trying so hard to be
who we think we can be,
trying so hard to shape
the future
Peel back the Morning-Glory vine’s dried Autumn pod
to find more seeds, scrape out the insides of a Pumpkin
to find more seeds, for Corn there’s no hiding
The future always hinting at itself in the present,
the signs always pointing to that future,
or that future, or that stuck-in-the-past,
or pointing to the next sign.

What’s forced betrays the natural unfolding

Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) is resident poet and essay contributor at He writes, edits, teaches, small press publishes, meditates, gardens, and travels a holistic mystic pathway staying in touch with Turtle Island. Website: