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Margarette Wahl


Let’s do band group shot pics

goofy faces, group hugs

where we don’t worry

about plastic shields or masks.

Let’s get close together

sing into our phones on stage

not feeling disconnected or distanced.

I want you to squeeze me

so hard inside a hug

my bones pop and I smell

your cologne and sweat,

feel beautiful in a moment.

Let’s go to a venue

allow you to perform

not showing vaccination proof

like green cards.

I want you to feel safe,

stay healthy

not worrying who or what may

get you sick.

I want be gluten-free

like your diet

so you’ll trust I am

there for you always

with no harmful effects.

Margarette Wahl is a poet from Long Island. She’s an avid concert attendee. Her recent poem is for her favorite member Erik-Michael Estrada of the Boyband O-Town.