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Victoria Twomey


before I flow like dark ink into a sleeping cup of indigo blue,

what shall my final longing be?

for one more canary colored dawn,

or the brave, burnt orange ending of the autumn leaf, flaming until the last?

will I long for warm, red-lipped poppies, kissing the air,

or to feel the vibrating bees, hovering sweet and golden over a high-spirited meadow?

today, there is a quiet song of awakening in the empty bowl of the morning –

let me fill it to the brim with humble thanksgiving,

for one more moment in the light

Victoria Twomey is an award-winning poet and artist.  Her poems have been published in several anthologies, in newspapers and on the Web, including and She has appeared as a featured poet at various venues around Long Island including The Poetry Barn, Barnes & Noble, Borders Books and local radio.