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Mark C. Nuccio


There’s an eternity of time to spend

In the war profiteers pit of hell.

The question is how do you measure it?

There is no hourly bell.

They’ll count all the tanks and jets they sold

That bombed hospitals and schools.

And add up all the soldiers that died

When they made the military look cool.

They’ll weigh the tons of gun powder

They stuffed into billions of shells

And untold yards of red, white and blue

For the flags draped on soldiers body bags.

They’ll walk forever on bombed roads

 Mark C. Nuccio (B.1946)is an Artist-Poet. Graduate- St. John’s University – Fine Arts. Writing poetry since 1968 with 3 chapbooks and one full volume. Writes Nautical/Environmental articles for boating magazines. Poetry published in various venues and collections. Artwork in Smithsonian and many collections.