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for the 21st century

Winter 2021-2022


A D Stuart Love Letter
Susan Terris Rabbit-out-of-the-hat woman
Willie James King Dear Redemption
Amir Darwish Where I come from
Simon Williams Shapeshifter
George W Colkitto This train don’t carry no passengers
Dave Morgan Mr Nagata- Summer Pilgrimage
Anton Baev  That was all
Lucilla Trapazzo Anthozoa
Giuseppe Napolitano A smile a kiss a caress
Gabor Gyukics the messenger
Daniela Andonovska Trajkovska A flat line
Cao Shui Mermaid
Tanya Ko Hong Bleeding Heart Flower
Sheikha A. Cups and wands
Thomas R Smith Neowise
Martin Willitts Jr How to spend time
Craig Czury   My sister and I
Alifair Skebe      Thanatos Takes Psyche Into His Bed
Octavio Quintanilla  Essay on loss
Rockford Johnson in spontaneous currency with wind and stars
Benjamin Myers Word problem
Donna Snyder                      El viejitos sings to me
Al Ortolani                           Graduation photo 1949
Mike Jurkovic                        You, Blue Dice, and Squirrel
Phibby Venable                               Moving forward
Nasorri Pavone  The bogeyman
David Scronce                      Las Quince Letras
Beau Beausoleil                  Three Notes
Patricia Martin  Golden Tongue
Youssef Alaoui  The Last Glittering Fragments of Poet Abu al Saïd
Donna Allard                       Dances with fireflies
Puma Perl  My kids still call me Mommy
Pete Dolack Red
Nicca Ray 1987
Edward Mycue                     The higher, darker mysteries
Gerry LaFemina In Spring a young man’s fancy turns
Robert Gibbons  Whitman’s Children
Lola Koundakjian Audre Lorde
Karen Hildebrand Tango
Nicholas Samaras The mysterious death of Weldon Kees
Ptr Kozlowski                       I’ll be a noun when I die
Linda Lerner                         An ember
Bob Heman                          Three poems
Oliver Baer                          105
Howie Faerstein First generation American
Latif Askia Ba                       June 26, 2021
E Penniman James       88 keys
John J Trause           Skyline
Claudia Serea On a street in Long Island City
Andy Clausen                       They are coming
Bill Gainer                           Lighting Cigarettes
Jason Ryberg                       Coming to rest
Brett Underwood                   Wish he could fly
Paul Richmond                      The door
Kirpal Gordon                      “So What” (Miles Davis)
Chris Vannoy                        I feel like Rip Van Winkle
John Sweet The Somnambulist Drunk in a Stranger’s Back Yard
Cathyann Cusimano               Directions to Bakersfield
Rich Ferguson                       When dust gets kicked up by the bootheels of disappointment
John Dorsey                         Poem for Katie Marya
Kevin Patrick Sullivan              Bird week
Mark Borczon                       Beautiful Places
Chuck Joy                            Sun Green
Jon Sanborne                       Americana
Jason Baldinger                     Deep Elem Blues
Paul Koniecki             The day fish and chips with malt vinegar in Ouray, Colorado was better than death
Rosalie Gancie                      Poetry club
Joel Allegretti                        Jean Genet masturbating in prison
Karl Roulston                        Digs
Pamela Twining                    Let’s Dance
Lenny Dellarocca                   In a single bound
Micky Shorr                        Quietly
SPECIAL SECTION  Tamil Poetry in translation
Amit Dahiyabadshah
I Murdered Elvis, Michael Rothenberg

Postcards & Ancient Texts, Craig Czury

Inspirative, David Lawton

Floaters, Martín Espada

American Skull, Lawrence Welsh

Detours: A West Coast memoir, Paul Vangelisti

Ride Easy: Selected poems of Kell Robertson

Ash by Gloria Mindock, Glass Lyre Press (2021) a review by Francine Witte