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for the 21st century

WINTER 2021-22


Pamela Twining


Let’s Dance to the End of Everything

the final cries of a Social Generation

as we begin an age of isolation

our skins still soft and Begging

to be touched

our lips our lips

our fleshy selves pulsing

to the desire for Contact

our fleshy selves

the softer parts

not Studyin War the gentle parts

demanding Peace

soft but resolute

Lets Dance

imagining the soft collision of Bodies

a Crush of other selves

awash in music

twisting and spinning in the Waves

the Waves

Leaps of Faith

Injustice Rules wherefore then Faith

it Is in Human Nature to Hope

(… springs eternal for a Reason

yes it does)

there are Always those

who Believe in a Just and Conscious Future

a Time of Love Among BeingKind

that was essentially the msg of Jesus the Christ

and many After him

but as far as I know

in patriarchy at least

he was the First

and So we still keep

writing dancing making music painting

still keep making Art even in Desolation

the Cold and Horrible

or the Broiling Skin Popping Crispy Critters

the End Result of unfiltered sunlight on the surface

Dig Deep Dig Deep

is that the only way to Come Together

in the Mines

tunnel down down

down through mycelium mast and mould

through foetid dank and loamy Earth

Soaked with punishing rains

not punishment for the living beings anchored in the soil

they Belong

it’s We who are the Secret

the Unnamed

the Uninvited

the Storm Troopers taking Over all the habitat

and killing land and sky

destroying Water

poisoning the Wells of Kindness Strength and Mercy

in pursuit of Moloch


can we Live without Sunlight under ground

away from a Sun now Deadly

sneak up-surface twice a month

for Ceremony Moon Tide

mångata the mystic path

North to Moon

through ether to the Mother

disappearing in Welcoming Arms

And it Really Was a Game

Congratulations All Around and Thanks

just those of US who Thought it was Life left hanging

w our jaws scraping the tarmac

No Way as even ones we Trusted Most

began to High Five and Celebrate

the ascendance of one who’s Less

So Much Less than what was Dreamed

and those Pragmatic sunzabitches

Insist there’s nowhere else to go

I Beg to Differ

Let’s Dance!

for Children whose memories

are Locked Away

for elders waiting withering wanting

Touch Denied

Let’s Dance!

for a planet pulsing to new life

in spite of All

for the End of the Road in sight

for all the Love we forgot to give

for all the Laughter at the cosmic joke

Let’s Dance!

Pamela Twining has traveled the US with her partner, poet Andy Clausen, performing her work in California, Colorado, New York City, Michigan, Wisconsin and places in between. Her work has appeared in Big Scream, Big Hammer, PoetryBay, The Café Review, Napalm Health Spa, and Heyday!, among others. With Andy Clausen, she is co-curator of “The Invisible Empires of Beatitude” page at The Museum of American Poetics ( and for several years, she co-produced the Janine Pommy Vega Poetry Festival in Woodstock, NY, where she and Clausen reside. She is author of four chapbooks, “i have been a river…”(2011), “utopians & madmen” (2012), “A Thousand Years of Wanting; the Erotic Poetry of Pamela Twining” (2013) and “Renegade Boots” (2019).