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Oliver Baer


Before passing, I release a handful of stars

A pair of twin suns of graveyard gas

Streaming stellar shuriken soaring through space

A Goldberg machine of verbal torture

An astral aria variation escapes my tongue

illuminating the golden mean of terror

cemetery will o’ the wisps wink in and out

a hungry darkness, no fox spirit this, gnaws the guts

a menacing animal stillness beckons

embraces the mercy of barren moondust understanding

careless bones bear silent witness

the other side’s entrance

a shaking violet chrysalis

rattled by desperation’s water wheel

a suitcase of mute carrier pigeons swept out to sea

Now we are each other’s meat puppets

Sleep is parsecs away

A meteor speed void fill us

Wanton anger on the menu

We are starved


Oliver Baer mostly writes dark poetry and horror stories with the occasional blog post, review, essay and play. He has two books out, Letters to the Editor of Cthulhu Sex Magazine and Baer Soul as well as being published in a number of magazines, journals, collections and anthologies including Birds Fall Silent in the Mechanical Sea and Paper Teller Diorama by great weather for Media.