E Penniman James

     For Dred Scott, musician

for each key a lock

for each lock a door

1 key

as good as another

in the wrong door

7 keys

for the visible luminaries

up in the sky

12 keys

5 for man

senses extremities digits

9 is the number

the number of completion

turn me on dead man

113 is a prime number

27 is the number of choruses paul gonsalves played on a rainy night in newport

the number of outs in a perfect game

e equals mc squared

there is no key of m

in the universe

88 keys

is enough

to turn the locks

to open the doors

the doors to the universe

88 keys

at your fingertips

at your command

change keys

transpose the universe

to the key of m

E Penniman James lives and writes poetry in Brooklyn, NY. His poems have appeared in the anthologies Birds Fall Silent in the Mechanical Sea (great weather for Media, 2019) and Lyrics of Mature Hearts (Gordon Bois Publications, 2020) and several online publications.