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Giuseppe Napolitano


The poet is a strange merchant

who auctions his merchandise

for a smile a kiss a caress

– and sometimes gives it away for nothing

And wandering he accepts a thousand invitations


bringing with him the words – his own words

– that maybe another will know how to repeat

He is always ready – if needed – to acknowledge

that his world is limited – but it’s possible

that his world could be the most inviting

for those left without a home

Giuseppe Napolitano was born in Minturno (Italy), in February 1949. He lives in Formia. Has been teacher (Italian and Latin Literature) for 33 years in high schools. He is author of 100 poetry works, essays, and translations from foreign poetry. His poems have been translated into 32 languages. Among his books: Mo¬men¬ti, 1970; Ma¬schera, 1978; Il giardino di Afrodite, 1984; Creatura, 1993; Parola di parole, 1998; Alla riva del tempo, 2005; Antologia (poesie 1967-2007) 2008; Tutte le parole, 2018; Grammatica interiore (English and Chinese translated) 2020; Approdo (Greek translated) 2020.