Winter 2020-2021


Norman Minnick Approaching Fifty
Naomi Shihab Nye Poem Menu
Scott Hightower Project Runway
Laurie Kuntz Wabi Sabi
Andrew Kaufman Singing, Rwanda, 2016
Howie Faerstein Episode from a lost time
Willie James King Three poems
Simon Pettet For Joe
Rick Smith Summer in the City of Brotherly Love
Phibby Venable To a poet and a friend
Susan Terris Girl Playing Dead in a Shallow Cave
Dan Richman To the Universe
Diane Frank Thornden Park
Shelby Stephenson Standards
Wendy Barker Knots in the Wood
Youssef Alaoui Spell to cast for Planet Paradise
John Macker April 23rd poem in the heart of New Mexico
Kelly J Powell Broken Glass
Michael Ceraolo Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Carol Alexander Politics
Kevin Rabas 12 april 2020, Sunday
[how we use our space)
Al Ortolani American Socialist
Dorothy Friedman In our next life we will be free, part I
Dorothy Cantwell The sleeping giant lies in a purple dream
Holly Day Jaybird
David B Axelrod Knock Out Roses
John Roche ‘I wish I could talk in technicolor’
Jared Smith Bone Soup
Cynthia Hogue In the museum of hidden motives
Vanessa Caraveo Let there be no divide
Sylvia Ramos Cruz Inez Milholland Rides On
Farid Bitar Handalah
Octavio Quintanilla Into The Night We Gently Go
Tongo Eisen-Martin Lower-class artist imagines
Craig Czury My Mother Kept a Diary
Shaip Emërllahu The Trojan Horse
Entela Kasi If the world is wild Hannah
Arjan Kallco Amid the ruins of civilizations
Belfjore Qose Agape
Jeton Kelmendi Love in War Time
Ndue Ukaj The Emigrant
Anton Baev Anonymous Towns
Rodica Draghincescu Astrum
Dragana Evtimova Three Poems
Tònia Passola Excrement
Ana Gavila fr The Leaning Wife
Poul Lynggaard Damgaard Scraped Sky
Oded Peled Four Poems
Laure Cambau Six Poems
Yuan Hongri Each Rock Is A Potala Palace
Pedro Mir Three poems, tr. Jonathan Cohen