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Dimitris P. Kraniotis


The direction of events
He seals
The unseen of the lights
He symbolizes

With brushes of the guilty
Of false Presents
Naked bodies
He paints

Wings of winds
Birds of waters
He shapes

Stone cages
Prison cells of the innocent
He tears down

Fields’ ears of wheat
Of empty seasons
He reaps

With ancient wise men’s
Woven ideas
The poet

Always in the end

Builds a new beginning

DIMITRIS P. KRANIOTIS is an award-winning Greek poet. He was born in 1966 in Larissa Prefecture and he grew up in Stomio (Larissa) in central Greece. He studied Medicine at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He lives in Larissa (Greece) and works as a medical doctor (internal medicine specialist). He is the author of 10 poetry books in Greece and abroad. He has won international awards for his poetry which has been translated in 35 languages & published in many countries around the World. He has been invited and participated in several International Poetry Festivals. He is Doctor of Literature, Academician in Italy, President of the 22nd World Congress of Poets (UPLI), President of the World Poets Society (WPS), Director of the Mediterranean Poetry Festival (Larissa, Greece), Chairman of the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN Greece and member of the World Poetry Movement (WPM).