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Shurouk Hammoud


The dew does not realize that it has awakened the grass from its slumber.
Snow does not know that it has scattered gray hairs on the heads of young hills.
Dams do not feel that they hold the breath of water
With their good intentions.
Pens don’t care that they are the footprints of the tree.
The poem does not know that it may be all of these at one moment.
As for this very moment, it is what the poet wishes for
when thinking of immortality
Forgetting the steps of Gilgamesh, which dug the heads of his ancestors of poets
Until mountains became labyrinths
Rivers became waterfalls
And life as it is
the same life.

SHUROUK HAMMOUD is a Syrian poetess and literary translator. She has five published poetry collections as a poet and she is the translator of 17 poetry books. Award winner of many international poetry awards. Excerpts of her poetry have been translated into 18 languages. She is a member of the Palestinian writers union and a member of Swedish writers and translators Union.