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RA Washington


When I enter a world with no name
The context of my me
Fades to uncomfortable
And we dance around the edges
Witnessing the deep connection
Of them
And who’s who platitudes
The next functions
Being negotiated and I look
For you in how you work
Fight the feeling of being abandoned
I guess this is what it’s like to be
In love with genius.
Mover forms groups
Alliances are sweet familiar
And I am apart.
The signs of me erode against the setting
Hold myself before I sleep my ego
Banging against what I know
And how it feels
What is real in holding your hand
And being the silent partner.
Love is a terrible tremor of wishing they knew
Why the mover loves you
And yet if you can quiet the want
Of external cry
You will master what it means
To love completely in the sweet sweet
Of you safe and in love
Forever is a long time to tremble.
And trust it’s tender at night
Holding each other
As you tell them how magical
The night truly was.

RA WASHINGTON is a writer and composes music under many aliases as a member of the futurist collective, Mourning [A] BLKstar.