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Poul Lynggaard Damgaard

GAVLEN (The gable)

Here the will to move is another
than it usually is.
Down in front of the other end
everything takes place in the movement of a soul.
You can walk across the bridge,
but you do not know what you are heading for,
because everything here is worn out.
I go around the back, and here all
the tree roots are scattered all over.
In the middle of the will a room,
like below another person without river.
You are getting closer, but from the other side.
Another person without a will. If you stay at the gable
the place will be yours. Yet a place without a will.
It is a dream I have always had
which has been here for a long time.
It must be my idea of place,
although I cannot get in.
Again I am in love with the gable in itself.
An isolated place with no opening.

POUL LYNGGAARD DAMGAARD, born 24th of December, 1977, Denmark. Danish Centre for Writers and Translators, Danish Authors’ Society, Danish PEN. Author of several books of poetry translated to many different languages.