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Susan Terris


Marabout has my witched spoon
Spins it in a doctor-wind

To be witched is blessing sometime
He says for a barren 4th wife

Was asleep with the spoon then you
Traveler came stole us both

Now at your hut a kettle for two
I grab my spoon in its bowl

I’m upsidedown not witched
I see spoon or me yet possessed

Promise to be good to us I say kind
Then I might not need to kill you

SUSAN TERRIS is a freelance editor and the author of 7 books of poetry, 17 chapbooks, 3 artist’s books, 2 plays.  Journals include The Southern Review, Georgia Review, Prairie Schooner, Rattle, Blackbird, Poetrybay, and Ploughshares. Poems of hers have appeared in Pushcart Prize and Best American Poetry. Her newest book is Dream Fragments (Swan Scythe Press Award). Ms. Terris is editor emerita of Spillway Magazine and a poetry editor at Pedestal.