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for the 21st century


Antje Stehn


That old Berlin Wall
impossible to climb over
did not collapse
they sold it
piece by piece
concrete slabs
exhibited as trophies
in museums
while the fragments,
bloody gadgets, have been dispersed
throughout the world

and multiply in a flagrant pandemic of war —

thinking, reasoning, critical spirit
overtaken by primordial instincts —
and still we all just want
the good ones and the bad ones
set one against the other
like two repelling magnets

ANTJE STEHN, Germany. Poet, visual artist, German PEN Zentrum., member of the directive committee of Piccolo Museo della Poesia, Italy, Co-editor of Magazines TamTam BumBum, Italy, Los Ablucionistas, Latin AMERICA, Curator of art-poetry project “Rucksack a Global Poetry Patchwork“ and “Hair in The Wind”.