an on-line poetry magazine
for the 21st century

Winter 2023-2024

Michael Clarity


speaking nothing
of any whimsy or
novel fancy
no wind driven answers
lurk in the provoked
countenance of sky
and night
or wave of day

it is, always and forever
the tender to the touch
Now that leaps up
when seeking ceases

it is, always and forever
the ripened flesh
that bursts
and bleeds
when gravity is left
to do its thing
between branch
and brush

how am I to decipher
rotting fruit
among the jungle floor

who am I to the zephyr
sending bananas
to their wake

and doesn’t the sea
catch light
like framed stained glass

isn’t she alone
a cathedral
longing for surrender

Michael Clarity is a spoken word poet and host and co-founder of The Muse Exchange open mic series. He began The Muse Exchange in 2012 in a small backyard on Long Island, NY. The event has grown into a bi-coastal celebration of creative communal spaces with monthly events in three separate locations.