an on-line poetry magazine
for the 21st century

Winter 2023-2024

Maria Manobianco


His subject, that of nature
is both humble and profound.
He has a poet’s heart
imagination abounds.

He offers flora for questions
then quickly turns around
gives away his kingdom
where his poet’s heart is found.

He wakens in the morning
exchanges breath for ink
deposits it on paper
with thoughts that make you think.

A chameleon whose colors change
by nature not by mind
natural to environment
his roots are on the ground.

He dwells on planet earth
reaches for the sky-
travels Mercury and Venus
with the poet’s piercing eye.

He works Nature’s alchemy
transforming lead to gold-
the wand-the hand- the pen
the story that is told.

Maria Manobianco, published four poetry books and a YA Fable. She was an Archivist for NCPLS, 2007-2015. She received a pushcart nomination for the Sonnet, “On Meditation.” She earned a BS in Education from NYU and a MA from Adelphi University.