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WINTER 2022-23

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Lenny Dellarocca


What flower would she be, America?
What color?
If the bees
are dying
will we have
honey enough
to sweeten our tongues?
Think daisy
or wildflower
that sprinkles pink snow
along the interstate
from sea to shining…
connecting pot holes and synagogues,
mosques and schools
of banned books.
Let’s give Texas
back to Mexico,
reparation to those
we stole and stole from.
Wake the sleeping bees.
See the burning
voices and votes. Think.
What flower comes back
from the trample of boots?
I think it’s a rose. A long-stemmed yellow rose.

Lenny Dellarocca is founding editor and co-publisher of South Florida Poetry Journal- SoFloPoJo. His work has appeared in Poetrybay, Long Island Quarterly, Nimrod, and has work forthcoming in The Meadow and Slipstream.