an on-line poetry magazine
for the 21st century

Winter 2023-2024

V.J. Calone


Let me see…I remember the day
the big guy gave me the okay.
I was called and rose at the crack of dawn.
I sprang from my bed without a yawn.
I had to choose from all my flock
then somehow get them to the dock.
Between; a watch of nightingales,
a pride of lions, a sleuth of bears,
a drift of swine, a pod of seals….

Ha! He didn’t get up till one o’clock!
The earth and the sky began to rock.
He turned to me, his loyal wife
and said, “Help me dear, save my life.”
I brought the masses to that spot.
It was me who sorted through the lot;
A span of mules, a gam of whales,
a grist of bees, a husk of hares,
a knot of toads, a spring of teals….

The tale was left for you to tell.
And yes, you both did rather well,
But, quickly my world became a hell.
As soon as the tides began to fall,
you got greedy and built a wall,
and then never bothered again to call.

Vincent J Calone is a New Formalist poet. He studied under Lewis Turco- author of the “New Book of Poetic Forms” on New England Press. He would like to thank J.R. Turek, his mentor for introducing him to the wonderful local and virtual poetry scene, George Wallace and editors for including him in this publication, and every other poet- who spill out their soul on a daily basis.