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Winter 2022-2023

Mimi German


amerikkka the dominatrix empire of a thousand grains of sand
whose masters ink in the high heals of war whores who circle jerk
at the feast of landlords while spilling slop bucket prayers to the poor
amerikkka how necrotic your soul your poets cringe in the wake
of your obscenities your rotted stench of henchmen pillagers of
lands once verdant and alive your orchards of poverty grow seeds
of death amerikkka the illiterate you were never ready to leave home

Mimi German is a poet and subversive artist dividing her time between life in the wilderness of Oregon’s Steens Mt. and the urban strife of Portland, OR. Her first book of poetry, Beneath the Gravel Weight of Stars, was released in 2022, weaves the poetry of her experiences as an advocate for unhoused Portlanders. Born a wanderer, Mimi left Philadelphia for NY in ‘82 where she went to New College on Hofstra’s CampusAfter college she joined the peace movement, Shalom Achshav (Peace Now), in Israel arriving just before the 1st Palestinian uprising. After returning to the US, Mimi split time between Cambridge, MA and Halifax, Nova Scotia. In ’95, she hit the road to head west to Oregon where she still resides.