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Winter 2022-2023

Jeanne D’Brant


Journey to Grandmother’s summer cabin in the pines
Cold, crystalline waters pumping from the pristine aquifer
The cedar interior radiating subtle woodsy aromas
Endorphins flood my brain while pine sap oozes, fragrant in the sun

Sleep out on the screened porch under a canvas awning
The stifling summer night thick with stagnant oppression
Suddenly, a delicious breeze blows off the Great South Bay
I sit up, speechless from euphoria blown delectable on the wind

Uncle’s boat bobs in the currents at the rickety wooden dock
A barefoot path now beaten through the perfumed seagrasses
The sky ached of blue
Summer reigned anew

Author, poet, and former dance performer Jeanne D’Brant is a SUNY professor of sciences and was LI’s Alternative Doctor of the Year 2009. She wanders the world with a sense of wonder.