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Winter 2022-2023

Gabriella Acquafredda


it was a seemingly good deal
and you never could resist
a trinket to slip into your coat pocket
to conceal
as if to say
“it’s one of many”
as if to say
“it’s not a big deal”

a sale
a tease
putting itself out there for little other than your eyes
your hands
your pockets
discounted prices of the self
still too high

any lower and there would be a loss of profit

for you

i dip into my savings

i become the hennessy shooter in your waistband
razor blades
and batteries
and breath mints
in your pockets

i am the button-down you layered over in the dressing room
and it is so warm against your chest
but you strip
and discard me on the edge of your bed

GABRIELLA ACQUAFREDDA is a student, barista, and creative in the heart of New York’s East Village, who’s heart and home reside on Long Island. She is currently pursuing dual undergraduate degrees in Communication Design and Literary Studies at The New School. Gabriella is most inspired by contemporary chapbook artists, the sensations and sensibilities of womanhood, and bananas that sat on the counter too long