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Winter 2022-2023

Faith Lieberman


When the storm ends and the generator fails and you are left in the quiet machine of your house with only yourself and silence, there is still sound. The body’s sound: the gushing heart, lungs, the pulsing circulation or invisible electricity that raises the hair of your arm. Sound in the chambers of your ear like cicadas or a pan’s sizzling hiss, faint yet persistent and you listen in comfort, inexplicable as it is, short-lived as it is and you pray: to be alone when the silence passes, to wait like something adrift, caught mid-flight in the malevolent mastery of air currents.

Faith Lieberman is a sculptor, poet and private person who prefers to share her very personal work selectively. Her greater mission has been to expand the opportunities of youth through her non profit Teenspeak and as a board member of NYSCA, Walt Whitman Birthplace Association and as producer of “Y Write Poetry: Best American Poetry“ festivals and Huntington’s “Poetry for the Hart”. Her first novella “Don’t Let Me Keep Forgetting You” is nearing completion.