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Winter 2023-2024

Doreen d Spungin


I imagine us dancing,
moon lighting the way,
tree frogs providing symphony

I used to dream this moment
Our feet stepped on star-lit lily pads
We waltzed circles around pine trees,

dipped toes in the cool night water
In the darkness, I’d always find your lips
as night birds trilled love

I saw your smile, felt it on my mouth
We raced the clouds, made a path to heaven
Breathless, falling on the grass

and joyful–this was love and youth
The skin of night, our blanket
The stars, our guide

Promises carried us beyond reality,
fingertips made vows
we never meant to break.

Dd. Spungin, author of the collection, Tomorrow Smells Invisible, hosts for Poets In Nassau and PPA.  Her poetry can be found in anthologies and in print and on-line journals. Several of her poems have been set to music by NY composer, Julie Mandel.