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for the 21st century

Winter 2023-2024

Alan Semerdjian


To have a mind for the spring,
to witness the finesse of new

desire pulled up from the root
dusted with the sun’s fanning

breezes, alight with potential’s
distant song, never forgotten,

the birdman positions himself
toward the heat, spreads wings,

which are sky’s gifts to the land
and every lit fire, every heat

above us and beyond. It begins.
The familiar ascent from inside

out to behold the everything that
was and everything that will still be.

Alan Semerdjian is an Armenian-American award-winning poet, musician, and educator. He’s performed and read all over North America and beyond for the past quarter century in support of his books and albums and various artistic endeavors. He teaches English at Herricks High School and currently lives with his family in New Hyde Park, NY.