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WINTER 2022-23

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Sandra Bande

A mulher faz país)
tr Maria do Rosário Loures

The woman runs the country

I want to start by telling you
That I am perfectly happy,
But my life is like a Pinocchio
The more I lie, the more the nose grows
So, I decided to tell you
that woman runs the country.

So that everyone knows
What a woman is more than a curvy body,ior
It is a perfect filter in cloudy waters.
And today, out loud I tell you
what my heart says,
Woman is the porch of a great nation,
No matter the colour,
white, brown, or black.
Women don’t just serve,
when she has her legs spread.

From comfort to dust.
From the doctor to the bumblebee
Even that adult beggar
under the overpass
Acknowledge and Say:
Women are the walls that runs a country.

Come, I want to lead you to understand
What woman doesn’t just make a good omelette,
Her hands can also work in an office.

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it!?
Let these varnish-painted hands

She has the capacity to run a country,
It seems that this doesn’t fit with the truth.

Yes, that’s because many,
instead of looking at woman
like a brain with capacity
They judge you by age,
And what makes me feel even more sorry
It is knowing that most of the voids
They just look at the size of her leg.

Women are not a source of bullshit,
Her brightness is not just in the rear.
It was staggering that the engineer formed,
It was this housekeeper that the doctor brought up.
Under the sun screaming and sacrificing,
There she found sustenance for his children.

Do not give up in the face of harsh situations
Even when it ceases to belong to the pure cube,
with that unwanted pregnancy,
That she didn’t do alone,
When that bastard in bed demanded it,
Moan, moan!
But she ran away and didn’t even hear
the midwife to say: squeeze, squeeze!
Even so, it supports
that labour pain that looks like hell.
Let your breasts fall
to donate breast milk.

I speak today, for everyone to realize
That, the affection of a woman
It is the best fruit to harvest.
Because they transmit the society
More humanity and fraternity,
Encouraging yours to work hard
They offer the country frameworks for the future.

And I, today swear by everything I ever did
That this is a truth worth hearing,
So today, let’s all repeat together:
The woman runs the country!
The woman runs the country.

Sandra Bande (born in 2020) is one of Angola’s promising young poets.  A student of General Medicine, she is the founder of Kubara da Negrissíma, a project centred on the realization of artistic and educational events. she became the winner of the Luanda slam 2020 edition.

Maria do Rosário Loures A resident of  Germany, she has coordinated several anthologies , including the first, second and third “Antologia  Poetas Lusófonos na Diáspora,” Oxalá Editora,