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WINTER 2022-23

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Rodolfo Dada

DIGA PATRIA (I say homeland)

and there is a blue fish
that swims in an unlimited sea

I remember vertigo where the reef ends
and the sea that flies infinitely

I also remember the blue fish of my childhood
in these rivers that cover the earth

homeland is then the memory of water
and the flight of an albatross

that has grown around that memory
over the years

here an army of fish protects infinity
the fin that guides that army is like the hand of god

here the blue line that separates my two hands is prolonged
and like a child I paint little birds on that horizon

Rodolfo Dada, poet and writer, was born in San José, Costa Rica in 1952 and is a member of the coordinating group of the International Poetry Festival of Costa Rica. Writer of children’s literature. He is author of the multi-volume series of poetry books Cardumen which derives from the theme of the seascape, jungle and sand, to a deep nostalgia for villages, childhood and moments captured in photos; written from the seventies to the year 2003.