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WINTER 2022-23

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Lucia Alfara

Me desordeno amor, me dosordeno/ cuando voy en tu boca demorada … Carilda Oliver

You mess me up,
and I so full of dawn,
so yours, so alien to me
and my contours,
with that aroma of
freshly dripped coffee
smoking between your thighs.
I am a battlefield
while the sheets compete
with your fingers: weightless
as drawn charcoal,
blushing my neck,
my waist, my pubis,
my growing tears;
and you rule me,
inexcusable adverb
in the kneeling cry
of your body.
O link in heaven,
that in heaven touches
and upsets me,
fervent crusader
crossing in the middle
of my mountains.
You mess me up,
all so expected,
so mine,
so precise.

Lucia Alfara is a founding member of the Poiesis Literary Group in Costa Rica, in which she has been active since 2007. She is currently treasurer of the Costa Rican Association of Women Writers. Her first collection of poems “Nocturno de Presagios” was published in 2010 by the EUNED publishing house, and her second book “Entre Babel y el cielo de mi boca” is in edition at the Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica.