Youssef Alaoui


This story begins
in the branches of drifting trees
of the forest that waves in the wind
near the end of a movie
where William Shatner wanders
proclaiming his soul in Esperanto
in pursuit of his beloved.

They finally meet
at no ordinary well
Shatner falls to his knees
when he hears a voice
from deep in the well.

The beloved
whispers to him unintelligibly.
The voice of the well is clear.
It says, Listen!
I will teach you a spell to cast for planet paradise.
Shatner is confused.
His queries in Esperanto are
ignored by the well.

His lover has gone inside
for the wind is too cold.
Come closer!
Shatner wavers, leans into the well.

Bring me a chip of moon beam bane
the glittery dust of house moth wing
divots of earth pecked by extraordinary chickens
with beak filings if possible
bring me the drops of sunrise dew
exactly as it forms
on fuchsia tendrils
cook slowly over a heated argument
distribute evenly over rotting icy coastlines
trash strewn beaches
crowded makeshift cities
rendered into electronic dumps
bleeding toxic materials into the mud
pepper over hate parades
sprinkle the violent, the righteous
the quick to judge
the shamers
the loud cowards
vying for control of all that is seen
and unseen
those whose memory is dangerously faulty.

Young Shatner, stuck
in this early 60’s black and white
experimental film
trying to comprehend the meaning of color
purses his lips
to form his best English.
The wind moves a lock
on his forehead.
I will do these things you ask of me
O magic well.

He makes his way back to the cabin
to say goodbye to his beloved
then stumbles down the craggy glades
to the main road
the well waits in silence
for eternity perhaps
to finally consume the soul
of the beloved who is Save
whispering to the devil
warming her heels by the fire
of a wind swept cabin
in a forgotten movie

YOUSSEF ALAOUI, writer, poet, & filmmaker writes from deep under convoluted layers of earth, giving rise to well waters and mountain rivers that flow past granite boulders. During COVID times he reads Victorian stories and other things every Saturday night on youtube. He welcomes you to find out more at this locale: