Vanessa Caraveo


The earth is our mother. She sees no stranger.

Daily, she gives us her all and blesses us with her fruits.

The earth is wide for all to live, for all to thrive.

She feeds us day and night;

She shares with all races, from different places,

Seeking comfort on strange lands.

The earth is wide enough for us all.

Sometimes we wish to remain in a certain land,

But when greener pastures beckon, we must yield.

We leave some treasures we had while we grew up,

But we will hold their memories dearer to our hearts.

And when we find a new home,

And we learn new ways from a different race,

We shall embrace love and positivity,

So the new land may love us in return.

For when we show love, we get it in return.

When we open doors, we get a welcome too.

Let love be impartial.

Let our colors be one.

When our feet are weary,

Our bodies call for love and peace,

And if two is better than one,

Then our genuine love will bind us all.

is an award-winning author and published poet who has been avidly involved in writing throughout the years. Her work brings focus to many social issues that exist in today’s society and has been published in The Chachalaca Review, The Raven Review and for various anthologies in which she aspires to make a positive difference by uplifting the lives of others through her literary work.