Sasha Ettinger


like sunday, like rain, like footsteps, handshakes

like horizon, sunset, like desire, dread

like sleep walking, like day dreams

like fog, like faith, rocking chairs, bed sheets

like bread, like dusty roads, nameless trails

like silence, shadows, crystal skies

like sparrows, swans, like hope, futility

like yes, no, like confusion, clarity

like planets, like poems, like fact, fiction

like nothing,  everything, like storms, like loneliness

like laughter, like commas, periods, question marks

like desperation, madness, holiness, ordinary days

like drought, floods, like wine, like water, like watching, waiting

like rising, falling, like spinning, spiraling, like gasping, grieving

like weeks, months, years of long goodbyes.

SASHA ETTINGER is a retired Special Education teacher and award winning poet published in many anthologies and journals. Founding member of The Three Poets and member of The Poets Circle, advisory board member of NCPL Society, she is author of Echoes of Light and Dark, a book of Zuihitsu poetry.