Dd Spungin


Is this how God feels —

destruction in his chest of miracles,

salvation sharing space

The housing of all possibilities

The inhuman task of decision

Who shall live and who shall die

running through His head, through His hands

like sand in an hour glass, the changes marked

hourly, or perhaps second to second

And who is second in command

To whom does He turn when in need of advice

Do leaders listen when they should

How many warriors can dance

on the head of tomorrow

O, world of sorrow

Holocaust after holocaust

No lesson learned, no lesson embraced

Is this how God feels —

Decisions, and what have My children done now

And why haven’t they learned their lesson

And what was I thinking when I created this world

He puts His head between His knees and wonders

To whom can I pray?


Dd. SPUNGIN, author of the collection, Tomorrow Smells Invisible (Words With Wings Press, 2020) hosts events for Poets In Nassau and Performance Poets Association on Long Island.  Her poetry can be found in anthologies and in print and on-line journals, most recently Maintenant 14, is acoustic, First Literary Review East, Fearless, L I Quarterly and Poets To Come. Several of her poems have been set to music by NY composer, Julie Mandel.