Barbara Marie Truglio


  For My Sister who can see rainbows when I see only rain

Climb a ladder to the stars

Don’t ever change who you are

Some see rainbows

Others see only rain

You love them both the same

The dark clouds don’t mean a thing to you

You know beyond the clouds the sky is blue

You always do whatever is kind

When you leave a room

You leave your heart behind

You make every moment of your day count

It’s not like you to be down and out

Even when you feel you must fight

Somehow you always find the light

Grabbing life with both of your hands

Always busy making plans

Days in the sun

Just for the fun

An evening on a boat

Keeps your day afloat

You close your eyes when the moon goes to sleep

Even then you take a peek

It’s so easy to see God’s light in you

His light is there in everything you do

How blessed I am that God gave me you

Climb a ladder to the stars

Don’t ever change who you are

BARBARA MARIE TRUGLIO is sixty nine years old and was born and raised on Long Island.  She began writing poetry in 2010 and says it has been an amazing path to opening her heart and spirit and has given her a glimpse of my deepest feelings that she has kept hidden.  “I wrote this poem for my sister who I love so much and is my best friend